„For a sweet start of the day...
BG Bar
...in Belgrade city center”


BG Bar is located within the Hotel Srbija Garden in Brankova Street 13-15, in the center of Belgrade. It offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy every bite of the burger prepared according to the original recipe.


Since 2014, we have been synonymous with
quality burgers of authentic taste.

Bg Bar is located in the heart of Belgrade, at 13-15 Brankova Street. In our international cuisine we have a large selection of breakfast meals, salads, pasta, meat specialties, burgers, pancakes and waffles.

Very soon after opening in 2014, BG Bar has become a symbol of a city restaurant where you can eat a quality burger. The secret of our burger begins with the reception of meat consisting exclusively of 100% beef. To add homemade countries that arrive every morning to our place and many different sauces prepared according to our recipes that add to the authenticity of each of our burgers. Whether you want a cozy atmosphere for a business lunch, a natural environment for socializing with friends, or professional and professional staff to organize your gatherings, in the right place. Our mission has prepared a beautiful gastronomic experience, and in any case we will be a guest. The traditional way of preparing food, served in our way for your enjoyment.




For all orders and reservations call us.


In addition to the burgers, we can offer a well-designed menu that can be enjoyed not only by hotel guests, but also by all those looking for a good meal place in one of Belgrade's busiest streets.